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About This Ministry

GoMidwife exists to see birth workers equipped and released throughout the nations to teach and serve women during the childbearing years in rural, crisis and developing situations. Our focus is to use birth work as a tool to restore dignity, decrease mortality and express perfect love.



We are helping people throughout the world who are hungry, thirsty, and hurting, by telling about and demonstrating the love of Jesus. Our focus: Empowering people with knowledge and tools that result in nutritious food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, and low cost energy in appropriate, sustainable, and reproducible ways. We are facilitating various in-depth schools and intensive seminars on the Kona campus, engaging in international outreaches, and providing consultation for others with a similar calling and passion.

Amy Kirbow

Amy is a midwife serving in the Pacific. She became a midwife specifically to educate and train other women as midwives and to increase the education and training of cultural midwives already serving their communities in the rural and developing world . It is her expressed purpose to train women to go into the nations to serve, teach and equip other women, and to reach into crisis situations bring comfort and raise the level of care for mothers and babies.  Contact her at:

“It is the need of our day. It is the issue we face. It is the mandate of our generation to stem the hemorrhage of life from the wombs of women. It is ours to set right and we will do it.” – A. Kirbow


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