Our Mission

Innovision is a studio and team that serves to advocate for the innovations and visions shaping world missions through media production, distribution and networking.

We produce new media pieces such as videos, soundtracks, voice overs, websites, iPhone/iPad apps, etc. to highlight such innovations to the world.

Projects & Events

– Video & film production
– Voiceovers & original soundtracks
– Webcasts, design & mobile apps
– Film premiers
– Book & website releases
– Media training & presentations
– Tours for YWAM volunteers and visitors
– The Innovision Show – WebTV Program

Activities & Hours

The studio is open to the public from 8am – 12pm for walk in showcases, training events, genesis teleconferencing connections and more. It is a place where the University of the Nations campus and it’s visitors can meet, celebrate and discover the new and exciting things that are happening in our midst. From 1pm – 5pm (and often beyond!) the studio is open for production work. During the evening the studio serves as a venue for concerts, fundraisers, photography/art exhibitions, book releases, film screenings, ministry showcases and website unveilings.

Vision Videos

Innovision has helped to produce over 450 customized template based videos that enable YWAM volunteers to share their vision with excellence through web based videos. Since the first “Multiply the Message” initiative in November 2009, these “Vision Videos” have flooded social networks, blogs, Youtube, Vimeo and the like with well produced videos that have introduced many people to missions and boosted faith of countless viewers.

Video and Web Production

We are proud to say that numerous YWAM ministries and schools have partnered with Innovision Studio for the production of their promotional videos and custom websites. Those initiatives include but aren’t limited to: Faith4Africa, Justice Water, Steps of Justice, photogenX / Voice for the Voiceless, The SourceView Bible, Uniskript, Kona Summer Surge and CROWN.

Grassroots News International

Innovision has been a resource for both training of 1000+ GNI citizen journalists and as a production location for the scripting, filming, editing and distribution of GrassRoots News stories that have reached thousands with stories that would go unheard on mainline news outlets.

The Innovision Show

The Innovision Show is a web based TV program filmed in front of a live studio audience, it brings together the innovations and visions that are shaping modern missions and showcases them in a short presentation that is distributed through the web / social networks.

Join the Innovision Team

As the University of the Nations’ Kona campus is expanding it’s facilities (see Lokahi Studios), Innovision is expanding its team.  We are currently accepting applications for our staff team of long-term, volunteer missionaries.

We can also help connect future media – advocacy missionaries with training options at University of the Nations Kona and in YWAM locations around the world.