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Course description

If you are looking to learn more about God, what the bible has to say, or increase your skill in teaching; the BCC is definitely for you! The BCC is a 12 week course on how to study the Bible in Context!


Course overview

In these 12 weeks you will learn how to study by practically applying the study tools on books from every genre of the Bible.  You will gain a breadth of understanding of the Bible, as well as a depth of understanding on each of the 14 books we engage in.

Live-learn environment

Part of our philosophy of training is that learning happens all the time, not just in the classroom; so in order to maximize your learning opportunities; you have the opportunity to live in a vibrant mission’s community while rubbing shoulders with staff and leaders who will encourage and assist you in your development.

Ron Smith

Course requirements

Applicants need to have completed a YWAM DTS prior to acceptance into this course.