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Restorers DTS seeks to equip people of every age, nationality, and gifting to impact their community with the transformational love of our Father. We desire to see people come into their identities as radical world changers; whether that be in their universities, their jobs, or in a country across the world. We believe that we have the influence and power to restore hope to the hopeless, bring healing to the broken, and return the lost back to a Father that loves them more than we can fathom. The Lord has given us a calling and the means necessary to renew a fallen world. Join us as we become the Restorers we were meant to be.

God wants to restore your…

– Heart

– Mind

– Emotions

– Identity

– Relationships

– Purpose

To the ways in which HE originally designed them to be. Not for your own gain and satisfaction but for the sake of restoring His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

We’ve worked overtime to make sure you have the right mix of speakers to speak on a range of topics to assure optimal learning. Some topics include but are not limited to:

-Father Heart Of God
-God’s Character and His Nature
-How to read, study and preach the bible.
-Spiritual Warefare
-How are Christians supposed to view the world.
-Discovering your calling, identity and gifts.
-Developing a deep life of prayer
-Missional leadership
-Church and Missions history
-and so much more!

Being an agent of restoration means being placed in places that need it. Be ready to pack your backpacks and serve your heart out by:

-Restoring dignity to people caught in trafficking
-Restoring literacy to the illiterate
-Restoring pure water to diseased filled wells
-Restoring homes to the homeless

Restoring all hearts, minds, souls, families, neighborhoods, cities, spheres of society and nations to the original purpose God had created them for!

This last month is what makes Restorers DTS unique from any other DTS. We will debrief the past five months of training and help you discover where God is calling you to live and function as a restorer.

Our goal is to send you to every area of society with an understanding that you’ve been called there not only to be employed but are placed there strategically in God’s design for His mission. It is a great chance to also be a part of the YWAM community as more then a student but as a intern as well as taking time to reflected and be coached in your next steps. There will also be practical, in depth teaching on:

-How to lead yourself spiritually beyond the DTS program.
-How to create a community of accountable friends on mission for your next step.
-How to communicate your DTS experience to your family and home community.
-How to practically begin to walk out your calling.
-And so much more!

A Look Into Our Current School Who've Just Graduated

Testimonials From Past Students

Meet Your School Leaders

Mina Whitlock was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Seattle, WA. She completed her DTS in Kona 10 years ago after attending the University of Washington. During DTS, Mina caught a piece of God’s heart for the nations and was forever ruined for the ordinary. Over the next few years she led teams with YWAM to Sudan, Lebanon and Jordan. Soon after, Mina moved to California to work corporately in the financial arena. During that time God spoke to her about the value of being a missionary in her career, and learned there are no boundaries to missions. She helped lead short term teams made up of like-minded lifestyle missionaries to Thailand, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 2011 Mina and her husband Matt, were called back to full time career missions with YWAM. Together, they launched The Tribe (, a ministry that focuses on inspiring, connecting and equipping lifestyle missionaries in all areas of society. Mina resides in Kona, Hawaii with her husband, 5 year old daughter Selah, and 3 year old son Xander.


An Iowa native, Kristin did her DTS in Kona six years ago. After DTS she returned to the midwest where she worked, implementing what she learned during DTS into everyday life. A two-month faith journey led her back to Kona in 2012 where she has lived ever since. Kristin has worked with Restorers DTS since its inception.

Kristin is fascinated by God’s unique persuasion of love in her life. She desires that everyone would discover the gentle love of a mighty God, who passionately pursues them and calls them to their true identity. Among many other things, she loves drinking coffee, reading, and winning board games.

School for Kids

This quarter the Foundation school is running for children of ages 4-17. Their goal is to teach biblical principles and equip the whole family as a ministry team. Please refer to their webpage here Parents will need to arrange for a nanny to care for the little ones under 4 years old (turning 4 before the school starts).