3 Month Lecture – Kona, HI

God wants to restore your…
   – Heart
  •    – Mind
   – Emotions
   – Identity
   – Relationships
   – Purpose
To the ways in which HE originally designed them to be. Not for your own gain and satisfaction but for the sake of restoring His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.
Indian Girl

2 Month Outreach – The World

Being an agent of restoration means being placed in places that need it.  Be ready to pack your backpacks and serve your heart out by restoring dignity to people caught in trafficking, literacy to the illiterate, pure water to diseased filled wells, homes to the homeless. Restoring all hearts, minds, souls, families, neighborhoods, cities, spheres of society and nations to the original purpose God had created them for!

1 Month REMIX_ (Brand NEW!!) – Kona, HI

This last month is what makes Restorers DTS unique from any other DTS. We will debrief the past five months of training and help you discover where God is calling you to live and function as a restorer.  Our goal is to send you to an area of society with an understanding that you’ve been called there not only to be employed but are placed there strategically in God’s design. There will be practical, in depth teaching on how to build a Missional Community in your local area as a part of The Tribe, so that you may continue to be an effective missionary in spheres of society.

Hear what past restorers dts students have said about their 3 month lecture, 2 month outreach and 1 month REMIX!
What is a Tribe Missional Community? It's this!
Meet Your School Leaders
The Whitlocks (Above) Front Seat (Right to Left) Mina /32/ Mom Selah /3/ Daughter Back Seat (Right to Left) Matt /35/ Dad Xander /1/ Son

School for Kids

This quarter the Foundation school is running for children of ages 4-17. Their goal is to teach biblical principles and equip the whole family as a ministry team. Please refer to their webpage here Parents will need to arrange for a nanny to care for the little ones under 4 years old (turning 4 before the school starts).