Course description

The first 3-month phase of Word By Heart takes place at the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. In this phase, the student will learn one of the four gospels by memory. It will be abridged to a maximum 90-minute presentation. At the end of the three months, the student will present their gospel to a live audience. Although many people couldn’t imagine memorizing a gospel, the cutting edge memory techniques that are applied in the course make it not only possible but also easy. In addition you will learn the gospel in your native language. Although the lecture phase is given in English, you will memorize in your own language. We imagine people doing this in Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, English, French, German and many more.

Course credits

On satisfactory completion of the lecture phase the student will be awarded 12 credits and at the end of the field assignment the student will be awarded 12 additional credits for a full 12 week outreach.  These credits can be applied to a degree in Christian Ministries, Communication and the Arts.

Course requirements

A good sense of humor and a resolved to learn an entire gospel.  Everything else will be provided

Course overview

A good sense of humor and a resolved to learn an entire gospel.  Everything else will be provided. Prerequisites You must have completed a Discipleship Training School (including outreach) before applying for this school

Optional Outreach in Brazil

Come and join us to pioneer Word By Heart in Fortaleza, Brazil