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EKKO is designed to equip and deploy a new kind of missionary into every sphere of society. With this in mind, we’ve designed this school not just for the head and heart, but also for the hands. Our hope is to give you skills and experience that can translate into real-world practices. This will be accomplished through our conversations within the classroom and your launch into your sphere.

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There is no separation between sacred and secular. God created the world and he said, “It Was Good”. In fact, it was so good that when sin entered the earth He sacrificed His son to restore relationship with His creation. Now His sons and daughters are the ones that creation cries out to for restoration. Every follower of Jesus, by default, is now part of God’s trajectory of restoration. This mission requires active participants as we become the incarnation of love in a broken world. Being fully equipped by the Holy Spirit, we are united with one purpose expressed in infinitely diverse vocations: pastor, artist, poet, business, educator, mom, server, writer, etc…you name it, all work is done as worship to God!

EKKO x Matt

Hear from Matt, one of our co-leaders, on why you should be in EKKO.

Check out the video
Check out the video

EKKO x Sena

Hear from Sena, one of our co-leaders, on what EKKO’s heart is.

EKKO x Jeremiah

Hear from Jeremiah, one of our co-leaders, on what EKKO aims to be.

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EKKO is designed to equip and deploy a new kind of missionary into every sphere of every nation. With this in mind, we’ve designed this school not just for the head and heart, but also for the hands. Our hope is to give you skills and experience that can translate into real-world practices.

The first phase will focus on bringing an understanding of how God is on mission around you. We’ll go deep into God’s word and establish a foundation of truth.


EKKO is a school in structure, yet functions organically as an ongoing conversation–a mixture of lecture, discussion, and plenty of hands-on involvement. The goal of EKKO is to combine learning and planning into one, recognizing that knowledge without action is fruitless. During the school we will not only dig into some fantastic resources, interact with brilliant practitioners, and learn from seasoned “doers,” but also practice many missional activities we’ve developed over years of experience.

In the second phase, we’ll go deep into exploring the world around us through the lens of scripture to see how He’s designed His world and how He’s created it to function and thrive.


In keeping with the natural trajectory of EKKO, your LAUNCH is about moving beyond the general school structure and into an open-format deployment. The third phase will focus on helping you learn how to live out God’s word in God’s world. We’ll take the foundation of the WHY to living a lifestyle of missions and connect you with the vast network of YWAM and non-YWAM alumni who are already living it out and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven into the workplaces, schools, and homes they’re called to.

No matter where you will live, we’ll continue the journey together as a school. We will keep in touch with bi-weekly coaching, discussions, and encouragement online.



Jan 4th – Mar 29th 2018






Successful completion of a YWAM – DTS and outreach


The Bible

Grasping the bible as a story will drive you into a deeper relationship with our Father and in turn, understanding the mind of Christ.

Creation and Evolution

Where did we come from? This is a deep question in the heart of every person that has created a conversation as old as creation itself.

Life of Jesus

Jesus the incarnation of God into creation. Our biggest thumbs up from God the father that He values all He created. Lets live like Jesus!

Theology of Work

God created us in His image to cultivate and develop the earth. That means our work is His way of caring for His creation!

Biblical Worldview

How are we to see the world as restored people in relationship with God? What are His views on creation, humanity, and sin?

Understanding the Times

How does our world currently decide what is truth? Is it a feeling or a scientific fact?What is the Christian response to that question?

Comparative Religions

Where did the earth’s cultures and religions come from? Is Christianity the same as them with slight variations or radically different?

How God Designed Society

God’s character can be seen in His design for society. Family, Economics, Government, Religion and more.

Character of God

God has revealed himself to creation. Can we look at creation through the sciences and discover more of His character?

Shaping Culture

In the words of Andy Crouch, our role is not to condemn, critique, copy or consume culture…but to shape it. How do we do that?

Lifestyle Missions

Mission is less about a change of location and more about a change in the posture of your heart! How can we live on mission with Jesus?

Problem of Pain

Christianity creates a problem of pain. How could our good God allow pain and suffering? How do we answer that question to those around us?


Jeremiah was born and raised in Los Angeles. Right out of High School, he completed and staffed a DTS in Kona in 2006-2007. God led him to attend UCLA where he worked with a passionate group of young people planting churches among non-believers on campus. After graduating, he married his wife, Hannah. Together, they worked for a couple years as English Literature teachers. They then felt called to return to Kona where they completed a DTS together. In Kona, he found a ministry called The Tribe that carried the missional heart of YWAM and joined it with an understanding of missions as a lifestyle. He has served with The Tribe since 2014 with his wife and 2 year old daughter, Ariel.


Sena Lee, born and raised in Honolulu, HI took the long journey over to YWAM Kona 3 years ago and has been staffing the base ever since. Years of “searching” in and out of college and dabbling in network marketing lead her to pursue a degree in business at FIU.  She hopes this will be used as a door into to closed nations like Turkey which she one day hopes to do business in. Lover of cooking, controversial debates, staying up too late, and resting.


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