GoMidwife exists to see birth workers equipped and released throughout the nations to teach and serve women during the childbearing years in rural, crisis and developing situations. Our focus is to use birth work as a tool to restore dignity, decrease mortality and express perfect love.


Our encompassing objective is to impart understanding of the role families play in development. This is seen specifically in the context of mothers and babies as they have the greatest opportunity for positive changes leading to lower maternal and child death, advancements in nutrition within the entire family, and a large influence on the next generation. The aim will be to teach skills and appropriate technologies in order to reach these women effectively while training trainers to continue this work in communities across the developing world.

Seminars open to public


Next seminars start in the fall.

Our seminars run from September 27, 2018 – March 29, 2019


Varies by seminar




For a UofN Degree, a Discipleship Training School (including outreach) is required. A DTS is not required if you take this course in seminar format.



Maternal-Child Health

Community Development



Permaculture and Family Gardens

Normal, Natural Birth


Childbirth Education

Appropriate Technology for Birth in Low Resource Settings





Following the MOM course we can help place you in an apprenticeship or practicum to continue your work toward national certification.

Amy Kirbow

Amy is a midwife serving in the Pacific. She became a midwife specifically to educate and train other women as midwives and to increase the education and training of cultural midwives already serving their communities in the rural and developing world . It is her expressed purpose to train women to go into the nations to serve, teach and equip other women, and to reach into crisis situations bring comfort and raise the level of care for mothers and babies.

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“It is the need of our day. It is the issue we face. It is the mandate of our generation to stem the hemorrhage of life from the wombs of women. It is ours to set right and we will do it.” – A. Kirbow

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