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This course provides an overview of the basic components of food; insights on food-related diseases; realistic perspectives on supplements, functional foods and additives; and unpacks biblical concepts about nutrition.


Grow it. Build It. Share it with others.

Get equipped in essential nutrition, natural farming, construction basics, aquaponics, water and sanitation technologies, permaculture design, renewable energy, and biblical-based community development principles. Get hands-on experience within YWAM Kona’s Natural Farm Training Center and Appropriate Technology Village.

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Overview of the basic components of food

Insights on food-related diseases 

Realistic perspectives on supplements, functional foods and additives

Biblical aspects of nutrition

Background of eating behavior and food related myths

Help to address hunger issues and broken systems of our society such as the food and drug industry        

Practical aspects on eating healthy with a low budget and meal planning for community catering 

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Our Life Empowering Technology and Science Department has great opportunities for you to get growing and build up your Sustainable Technology skills: Participate in our FEWS School, a quarter-long practical course with an emphasis on Food, Energy, Water and Shelter (FEWS). Then, get additional hands-on experience with the FEWS topics — through an outreach opportunity with our YWAM Partners in the developing world!

Sustainable Technology Degree Track

Join us for the Sustainable Technology Degree Track and obtain academic credits toward fulfilling University of the Nations degree requirements.

Even if you’re not pursuing a degree program through the UofN, you may still participate in Food, Energy, Water and Shelter (FEWS). Join us for the Quarter — get changed for a lifetime!

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Get growing with the Life Empowering Technology and Science Department (LETS) at UofN Kona. We are an international team of individuals with a variety of interests, skills, and experience. Our heart is about sharing the “Practical Gospel” — helping families and communities encounter the love of God, and get empowered through Sustainable Technology!

Susanne Merz

Susanne Merz finished her studies in 1997 with a master in ecotrophology and joined YWAM in 2002. Within her profession she has almost 12 years of experience with YWAM Herrnhut, Germany in pioneering and leading the kitchen and coming alongside people who have struggled with eating disorders. Also taught on nutrition in schools like Biblical Christian Worldview or Primary Health Care at different YWAM bases in Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Russia and Cambodia.

(Ecotrophology is a branch of nutritional science concerned with everyday practice. It is mainly in Germany that it is seen as a separate branch of health care, and the word is rare outside Germany. Ecotrophologists are specialists in nutrition, household management and economics. This includes physiological, economic and technological principles on healthy nutrition and practical application. They work in many different fields: management of the above types of operations, development of new nutritional concepts in catering, quality control in food manufacturing and processing, operations and research within the food industry. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the training, ecotrophologists often take a coordinating role in Facility Management companies.)

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