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This school focuses on video advocacy. We aim to equip people to compose documentaries and other forms of media to advocate effectively and to enable different groups of people to facilitate lasting change in society, bringing awareness for injustice, and completing the Great Commission.

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The leaders of this school worked in partnership with “A Voice for the Voiceless” ministry where they understood from God the vision for more advocacy in the area of media, more specifically in video communication. 

Throughout the last few years, the leaders Elinis and Jonathan Goodson have got trained and traveled to a few locations searching for an effective way to work and put together a curriculum to equip people in the area of video communication to advocate for justice.

Together they started a documentary series, “The Silent Side of the Coin”, which intends to show the different sides of injustice issues in the world, addressing the problems and their causes. 

For those that apply for this school, both students and staff, opportunities will be opened to work in collaboration with this vision. The goal is not to find the most media skilled people but those with a heart and passion willing to work hard to advocate for justice. If you have the heart we can teach you the skills.




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*Optional tour after March


Phase 1: $3,140

Phase 2: $TBD (Field Assignment)

Phase 3: $3,140




Pre-requisites: YWAM DTS

U of N Credits: 24


Justice issues in the world (7 spheres of society)

Problem-solving methodology

International relations and politics

Critique and dissection of political issues and other topics on advocacy

Role of videography

Technical aspects of videography

Storytelling and photojournalism


Budget planning

Biblical character development

Jonathan and Elínis Goodson

Our team consists of several people with different gifts. We are inspired and led by Elínis and Jonathan Goodson. This couple has a huge passion for justice and aims to advocate in obedience to what the Lord has called them to do: equip, disciple and multiply.

Jonathan Goodson has a passion to see people released in their full potential, he loves videography and discipleship. He has a degree in Music Education and is an experienced teacher and coach.  He has been trained in the art of video production and has spent many hours documenting, analyzing, and editing footage.

Elínis Goodson is gifted with administrative skills, loves pastoral care and management.  Elínis has a degree in Theology and Information Technology Website Programmer. She is an experienced Humanitarian Development Instructor. She also has hours of video production experience as a wide range of other certificates in the media area.



After completing this program, you will have the opportunity to staff our school or one of the ministries of “YWAM/UofN”. Alternatively, you may join the tour –  to give you the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice.  Our goal is to mobilize people to advocate for justice, bringing transformation, lasting change, and hope to entire communities.

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