Kokua Crew

Do you have a heart for missions — and especially Youth with A Mission — then come and join in our short-term volunteer program called Kokua Crew.

The new Kokua Crew program is a set period of commitment (6 weeks or 3 months) with specific arrival and departure dates where you will serve in any of these 10 critical departments on campus for the time you are with us:

  • -Kitchen (all volunteers serve here at least part of their stay)
  • -Housekeeping
  • -Grounds
  • -Maintenance
  • -Foundation School
  • -Korean Foundation School
  • -Preschool
  • -Learning Centre
  • -Boutique/Gate (Thrift Shop)
  • -Mailroom
  • Our Kokua Crew volunteers work in positions where it greatly blesses the campus to meet the daily needs of every staff and student that come through our gates. Our Kokua Crew work hard but they get regards and gratitude from our Ohana here on campus. They truly are servants for the Lord; and we love them!
  • Our Kokua Crew program just commenced this year and with our first volunteers coming through our gates, they have come excited and with willing hearts to serve! They find this program to be filled with fellowship and friendship where they connect with other Christians from all around the world ~ a once in a lifetime experience!

Available Kokua Crew Dates

    • Kokua Crew #2

Arrive 2/19/2015

Start Work 2/23/2015

6 week option – Last day: 4/3/2015, Depart: 4/6/2015

Last Day Work 5/8/2015 (full 3 month option)

Departure Date 5/11/2015 (full 3 month option)

    • Kokua Crew #3

Arrive 3/26/2015

Start Work 3/30/2015

6 week option – Last day: 5/8/2015, Depart: 5/11/2015

Last Day work 6/19/2015 (full 3 month option)

Departure Date 6/22/2015 (full 3 month option)

    • Kokua Crew #4

Arrive 5/14/2015

Start Work 5/18/2015

6 week option – Last day: 6/26/2015, Depart: 6/29/2015

Last day Work 8/7/2015 (full 3 month option)

Departure Date 8/10/2015 (full 3 month option)

Our Volunteers must have:

  • -must have a minimum level of English language ability in order to be able to join us. We ask that your  English language skills are at least minimum  professional proficiency as this is essential for you to be  able to fully participate during your time serving here with us.
  • -must be between the ages of 18 and 80 years of age, as this is our campus policy
  • -must be in good health (able to work 40 hours per week – 8 hours per day) and;
  • -must have a heart to serve in any capacity, then we invite you to come to Hawaii to be a Kokua Crew volunteer!

A Day in the life of a Kokua Crew Volunteer

  • Our Kokua Crew volunteers awake at 5.30am to be shuttled by YWAM vans to campus for devotionals which start 6am. At the conclusion of our devotions, is breakfast at 6.30am and promptly after breakfast at 7am we commence work. We work from 7am until 3pm Monday to Friday and stop for our lunch break from 11.30am to 12.30pm. During your day you can be dealing with ministry leaders, staff, students, children and other amazing christians like yourself! Where people from across the world come together to support the campus whether working in the kitchen preparing meals, to cleaning the campus grounds, to teaching/caring for children in our preschool or foundation schools to sorting our campus mail.

Kokua Crew Meetings – Mandatory

  • The Kokua Crew must attend our family meetings and devotions for fellowship and spiritual input. It is to develop lasting friendships and to ensure each of our volunteers have a word from the Lord on a daily basis to feel spiritually filled during their time with us! For this reason these meetings are mandatory, These include the following:
  • -Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning Devotionals at 6am
  • -Monday Morning Worship at 8am for an hour (non-stop praise and worship)
  • -Tuesday Night Family Meeting starting at 6pm which includes international campus speakers
  • -Thursday Night Ohana Meeting at 6pm which includes international guest speakers

Transition Period

  • Here on campus we have what’s called ‘Transition Week’, where staff and students arrive/leave campus and our Kokua Crew volunteers need to step into their place and bless the campus during this time. During transition you are pulled from your regular work areas/hours to work in the Kitchen in different shifts for 10 straight days. So please come with an open heart to serve in whatever capacity!

Accommodation and Meals

  • The University of the Nations provides free accommodation and meals for our Kokua Crew for their wonderful service. All meals are provided by our campus kitchen, where they serve three meals a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no special or dietary offerings, however these meals are delicious and all produce is purchased through our local retailers/wholesalers.
  • Our accommodation is 1 mile down the road from campus in an apartment complex called Hale Ola. This is a three star accommodation facility, and volunteers are designated rooms according to marital status which is in line with our Christian ethos and campus policy. In most cases, most of our accommodation is living in community with others which includes sharing rooms, bathroom, toilets, showers, laundry, kitchens and all common areas.etc.
  • However, the benefit of living in community is fellowship and friendship and here in Kona Hawaii this is something we try to cultivate. With many volunteers coming through Hale Ola from all over the world, it’s a place where you can make life-long friendships and have an experience you will never forget!

What we Offer our Kokua Crew

  • -If you choose to serve as a Kokua Crew volunteer you will benefit from the following:
  • -Love Feast (Dress up dessert night)
  • -Small groups and bible studies
  • -Weekly Teachings; and
  • -Tours of the Island (at a very competitive price ranging from $5 up to $35 usd)

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, a vision you want to support, a future you want to expand on, a dream that excites you while serving for the Lord’s kingdom then click on the apply button below!

We look forward to meeting you soon, Mahalo!

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