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Since 2003, God has been working with us in ground-breaking, pioneering technologies using our IT team right here at CROWN in Kona.  We have been amazed to see how God has allowed us to co-create with Him – literally!  He would download fresh inspiration on things we had been trying to figure out and it would be just the breakthrough we needed to see in a particular project.  Because of God our research and development team have launched several major global projects.


We have traded our comfortable salary and lifestyle for a life of living on the edge for God. We have the incredible privilege of being part of a movement that will impact the world both inside and outside of Youth With A Mission.

Our first priority is to hear God and to obey. We will do the possible, and trust God to do the impossible. We are thrilled to receive God’s daily revelation as we co-create with God in the area of technology.

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