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About This Ministry

We want to help save lives, seriously!  Millions of people are sick or dying due to lack of food, clean water, shelter, and sanitation.  Our vision is to train missionaries to both tell people about Jesus and demonstrate His love through simple, low-cost technologies that provides these critical needs. With renewed hope and practical innovations, they can escape the poverty mentality. Because YWAM has “boots on the ground” in many nations, these life-saving innovations can be replicated quickly.

Our staff are constantly seeking out simple, low-cost technologies to fit specific needs, mastering it, then go teach it to others.



We are helping people throughout the world who are hungry, thirsty, and hurting, by telling about and demonstrating the love of Jesus. Our focus: Empowering people with knowledge and tools that result in nutritious food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, and low cost energy in appropriate, sustainable, and reproducible ways. We are facilitating various in-depth schools and intensive seminars on the Kona campus, engaging in international outreaches, and providing consultation for others with a similar calling and passion.

Ministry Stories

One Question Changed Everything: “Why Not Rabbits?”

One Question Changed Everything: “Why Not Rabbits?”  ⋅  27/09/16

I currently work in the “Life Empowering Technology & Science” Department at the University of the Nations campus, a part of YWAM Kona. A few years ago I never would have thought this is where I would be… and this is a bit of that journey… My day-to-day work happens primarily in our Natural Farm Training Center, where we focus on teaching and demonstrating; Ways to grow and prepare nutritious,…
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One Question Changed Everything: “Why Not Rabbits?”

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Staff Opportunities


Training Midwives

Communication/Media help

Energy innovators

Ministry Activities

Food: We demonstrate various sustainable models to grow nutritious food utilizing Korean Natural Farming and Aquaponics

Energy: We are developing and teaching alternative forms of renewable energy; solar, thermal-conductive.

Water: We teach and demonstrate clean water solutions and water saving agricultural practices.

Shelter: We teach low cost high quality methods of shelter building and basic construction.

Sanitation: We teach about proper hygiene practices and waste management, from food preservation to composting toilets.

Courses/Seminars: We offer hands-on, in-depth courses covering: Food, Energy, Water, Shelter, and Sanitation

Consulting: We strategically partner with other YWAM bases, missionaries, and organizations who embrace a like-minded vision.

International Outreach: We have long-term relationships with missionaries in Nepal that are developing similar projects.

Vernon Byrd

Vernon Byrd worked as a wildlife biologist with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, mostly in Alaska until retirement in 2010. He joined YWAM in 2011, when he did his DTS in Kona, Hawaii.  He has been coordinating the Life Empowering Technology and Science ministry on the Kona campus since fall 2011.  He is a West Hawaii Master Gardner, has completed the basic training by the Cho Global Natural Farming Institute, and he took the University of Hawaii aquaponics on-line course.



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