He speaks 6 languages – Samoan, Vanuatu Pidgin, English, and three local languages from his native Island, Solomon Islands. Elijah is from the Solomon Islands and felt the Lord calling him to be trained so that he can influence his people and the government of his country in a more hands on way. Presently he’s pursuing an associate’s degree program at the University of the Nations, Kona, and his objective is  to be equipped to train others. Having been influenced to serve in YWAM from friends who were already connected and serving in other countries he started his journey in 2013 with a DTS in Samoa.

“I was excited about the possibility of Samoa” he told me,  “a friend of mine was visiting from his ministry work in Bangladesh and he really encouraged me to move forward with what was on my heart, I decided, the time is now!!! I started filling out the application forms, scanned and sent in the papers with no delay; I was super excited about YWAM.” At 10 years old he was exposed to outreaches in youth groups that he would attend with his parents and as he got older, he said he thought maybe it’s possible to do more outside his country. “I have been dreaming about doing ministry for a while and in 2008 at age 21 the desire became more real that I could serve globally on the mission field. My sister was also doing missions in an Asian country and it really inspired me as she spoke about the Great Commission and all her experiences, and I knew I needed to do this too”.

“After My DTS, I joined staff for the next three years with the campus in Samoa. I learnt so much during that time as I worked alongside other staff members helping to build and expand the campus. During that time a team from YWAM Kona visited Samoa to train others on how to do The Jesus Film evangelism and I took the course not knowing how much it would change my life.” Since working with the Jesus film team, God has provided for him to serve in countries like Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Kona while also learning more.


“I was in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands helping to translate languages for the Jesus Film, when I realized how important it was for people to have the story of Jesus in their own language and that my obedience to following God was helping me to make that possible for them”. So moved by all that has happened in his life he says to those thinking about doing a DTS that “If God can use me then why not you. I believe that God can use anyone, once they are willing and available, and don’t worry about the provisions because God will provide”. Elijah’s journey is one of obedience and walking in one’s strength. By bringing his ability to speak several languages to the Lord, he’s helping others to know Jesus.

What about you, are you ready to take a leap of faith and invest in the ideas God has placed in your heart? If Elijah could do it then so can you.

Here are three easy steps to start off:

Step 1. Find a friend or family member who believes in you and together you can discuss and pray about what’s on your heart.

Step 2. Write down what the Lord communicates during the prayer time then make a simple action plan.

Step 3. Find someone who you know is experienced or living a lifestyle in the area that you’d love to grow. Ask them if they would be willing to become your mentor so you can continue to grow in this area. With God in the picture, the sky’s the limit.

Author: Teko Bailey

Teko is a graduate of the University of the Nations and serves as a volunteer staff member of the Innovision Studio ministry at YWAM Kona, Hawaii.