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Addiction is a systemic reality, a global problem that destroys individuals, families and communities. The ABC school is designed for those who desire to be God’s vessel of hope to those hopelessly caught in addiction. This school provides an opportunity for students to gain the skills that will enable them to facilitate wisely, God’s healing, recovery, growth and transformation to the addicted. In the context of the ABC community, each student participates in a discipleship/restoration process through skills application that leads to personal growth throughout both phases of the school.

The ABC is designed as a six-month training program divided into two phases.


You will begin with three months of classroom experience that utilizes teaching, discussions, small group sharing, ministry practice, personal reflection, worship and prayer. You will be able to develop and apply your skills in the context of the safety and support of your community. The experience is designed to challenge and invite a deep movement into authentic relating and ministry to others as you are led by the Holy Spirit.  




Sep 27th – Dec 19th 2019






Completion of the DTS, DTS Field Assignment, Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) and FCM Field Assignment. (DSP 211/212 & CNH 211/212)


Overview of addictions (chemical and behavioral), including alcohol, sex & codependency, etc.

Biblical Foundations for Recovery Ministry

Principles of Recovery (including maturity stages and process)

Pathobiology of addiction and the Brain

Group Therapies including process and change groups, 12-step meetings and Family meetings Family systems

Core Functions of Addiction (specific skills)

Abuse and Recovery

Trauma processes using art therapy and inner child work (Murray Trauma Egg & other Models)

Recovery Models, including Relapse Prevention (Genesis Process Model) and others


The field assignment provides a practical experience where the knowledge, skills and character qualities of a Biblical counselor learned in the lecture phase are put into practice in a mission field setting. Students will find enriching cross-cultural opportunities and challenging experiences of working on a team at one of the ministry locations around the world.

Raeseok (Abraham) Kim

ABC School Leader: Rev. Raeseok (Abraham) Kim.

He is an ordained Pastor with Master Degree (M.Div). He has done church ministries for 10 years. He joined YWAM in 2006. God had spoken to him “Go Kona” during his DTS Outreach. Since then, God has done amazing things for him through ELC, IBC, ABC, MMBC Schools as a student and staff. His mission is to bring recovery and training for pastors, missionaries, and YWAMers who are wounded.  He has an Addiction Counselor Level I Certification (ABMI)

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