School of Acting for the Screen actors and School of Digital Filmmaking student directors team up to tell stories that are relevant and appealing to today’s audience. Get a chance to influence the film industry with ethical principles. Be an actor noticed for your talent and character. The School of Acting for the Screen equips students with those qualities.


The School of Acting for the Screen helps you master the craft of acting and develop creativity. Students will watch a lot of films, analyze them, discuss them and use the principles applied in successful films. Students will explore the most effective ways an actor can “live” truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Included is a strong emphasis on character development, because in this industry character will be tested in areas such as pride, greed, sex, dishonesty, disloyalty and competition.

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Introduction to the craft of acting: Examples include Stanislavski’s System, Suzuki’s Method  and Meisner’s approach

Script Analysis: Breaking down scripts, scene preparation, creating a role.

Auditioning: Prepare for the audition environment

Film history and analysis: Analyze influential film performances


There will be internships available with 24 Frames of Light after this school ends. Ask the school leader about these opportunities

Guillermo Navarro

Guillermo Navarro is an award winning director, producer, and screenwriter. He began his career producing documentaries and freelancing for several of the most prestigious television networks, including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ESPN, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, VH1, PBS, HLN, TLC Televisa, Telemundo, Fox Sports, Animal Planet, and Speed Network. His feature film, “Relapse”, won the award for Best Film at the BIFF, the Excellence in Filmmaking Award at the International Festival of Honolulu, and Silver Remi Award in Houston World Fest.


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