January 27, 2017

This seminar will challenge you to see business as a platform for helping stir up Biblical transformation within a culture. Our focus is to reveal God’s purpose for your life and how you can envision business as a transformational agent to have positive influence on the people of our world. This six-week course introduces fundamental core business disciplines such as Marketing, Sales and the creation of a Business Plan. Participants will discover answers to the following heart questions: “What are your giftings, talents and passions?” and, “What is the call of God for your life, and how can you can achieve that call?”  See this information in University of Nation’s courses. 

Each week will tackle a new discipline and view it from a business theory and Biblical perspective. After taking this course, you should have a general understanding of a completed business plan, and have developed a career action plan.

Course content includes:

Hearing God’s Voice in Business.

Marketing & Sales. Operations & Fulfillment.

Understanding Financial Documents, Administration and Support Functions.

The Role of an Entrepreneur, Business Planning and Development.

Lean Startup: Integrating Business and Mission Developing, and a Spiritual Bottom Line in your Business.

Funding for your startup.

Dates: April 6th – May 20th, 2017 (Six Weeks)
Cost: $400 USD for course tuition only. $2160 USD for course tuition plus campus accommodations and meals.
Details: Please contact Dawn at bendbam@gmail.com