September 26, 2016

Last year we had 22 students take the Apostello SOM and then launch out into the nations for at least 2 years! We sent 2 teams to the Middle East, 2 teams to the Himalayas, and 1 team to SE Asia. Since the moment they arrived in their locations we have been hearing story after story of how The Lord is moving in these nations and through these teams. God is so mighty and we are blown away by His faithfulness.


Below is a recent testimony from one of our teams in the Middle East (due to security we have changed names and not mentioned any specific places):


“ It has been approximately 3 months since we as a team landed in the Middle East and our feelings for this place seem to be the same as when we landed, WE LOVE IT HERE! The people are so KIND, the landscape is BEAUTIFUL. About 3 weeks ago we visited some friends in a nearby nation and saw how they lived out ministry to the local people who are of the same religion as the people are in this nation. We saw how they simply prayed for the sick, shared the love of God and asked for the Holy Spirit to touch lives. It was so inspiring and activating! We came back home and couldn’t wait to do the same! Since then we have seen an estimated 20 healings and countlesss hearts deeply touched by the love of God.

Here are a few quick testimonies:

   The team was having dinner at the golf course and Rob felt led to ask the golf course restaurant staff if he had any pain. He told him he didn’t but his friend did. Rob prayed for the woman and her shoulder was completely healed!

   William went to Borders to buy journals so he and Rob could record all the healings they were seeing. He went to the counter to buy the books and he felt  that the woman working behind the counter might have shoulder pain. He asked her if she had pain in her left shoulder and she said she did in her right. He asked if he could pray for her. She was amazed that he could hear from God and even accused him of doing magic. He told her to lay her own hand on her shoulder while he prayed a simple prayer asking Jesus to relieve her of her pain. After he was done she said it felt lighter and the pain was gone! He proceeded to share with her the love God has for her.

   I was waiting for my dinner in the food court at the mall one evening. While I waited I asked God to show me someone to minister to. A lady nearby sat alone so I approached her.  I told her that what I had to say might sound so strange, but God loved her so deeply. He wanted to remind her of his love for her that he brought a stranger in the mall to tell her. She was shocked at first. But soon, began to weep and weep. She explained how alone she felt. But then, she began to smile as love took over and she said she forgot God’s love but she was finally remembering it and feeling it again. She was so grateful. I realized that every heart longs to hear those words, “God loves YOU.” Those simple words are so powerful- even in closed nations 🙂 “


These are just the most recent testimonies that we have received, but God is doing great things in all 5 of our teams locations. People are receiving the word of God for the first time in their language, refugees are being told about the love of Jesus, people are being healed both spiritually and physically! We are so grateful for how God is moving and we hope that you are encouraged by these stories of what He is doing in the Middle East!apostelloblog3